Week 8 and 9 Term 2 S.T.E.M. Summary

These two weeks in S.T.E.M. we looked at the wonderful world of 3D technology and computer programming. To do this the older students played around with the program called Tinkercad and developed designs using 3D programming. They had a look at how the program worked and explored what the various features did. The younger students got a chance to get stuck into some coding and had a go at Kodable or Hour of Code and learned about the features of a coding program. Have a look at some of the cool Tinkercad designs below. If you’d like to do it at home check out the website and the students should have their own login in details. https://www.tinkercad.com In  week 9 the older students  worked  with Makey  Makeys and worked out how to program them using computers and control a Scratch program  with  the Makey Makey controls.

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