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Welcome to the Sugarloaf region’s S.T.E.M. blog. This blog is designed to connect students in the Sugarloaf region together where we can share ideas and cool videos in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics that we come across. Browse through the different tabs and explore what we have been doing in S.T.E.M.  the S.T.EM. Resources Section has some great information for you to continue your learning outside of class. To check out what we’ve been doing recently make sure to visit our weekly summaries page.


Special Message for 2019!

Welcome back everyone for another exciting year ahead of S.T.E.M! This term we’ll be looking at the future of societies! We’ll be working out how to design a society that is better for the planet and humanity. Topics will include how societies currently work, what makes a society work well and how future changes will impact our societies.